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Alternative Wedding Artist

Creator of Moments

My name is Meryem, and I am a creator.

Of events, of moments, of instants, of spaces, of places.

I am passionate about the art of designing exceptional experiences.

I worked as an interior architect and then as a project manager for 10 years.

Today, I am fully dedicated to the organization and staging of unique events and authentic unions.

In love with unique personalities and exceptional couples, I am the Alternative Wedding Planner.

My commitment is to provide you with tailor-made and unique support. I am your partner in orchestrating your special days, your accomplice in creating memorable moments, and your collaborator in shaping enchanting spaces that reflect your uniqueness.

Naturally extremely sensitive, I am influenced by the years and eras that pass through me. Like a coral reef, I absorb energies and retain the flow and trends.

Rooted in today’s times, my eyes naturally dream of a future that values the environment.

My shoulders bear the core values of my work, which are precision and attention to detail. I pay special attention to inclusive values.

My hands play with skill and without bad taste, with styles from the 1920s to now.

What styles?

Trends, decoration, design, interior architecture… My feet, when they are not rolling, tread on our planet, which I explore on 2, 4, or 8 wheels, for the fulfillment of any project.

The Most Beautiful Days are here today.

The Most Beautiful Days are yet to come.

*The most beautiful days

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